Domain Registration, Web Hosting, And DNS Service: How Are These Terms Connected

As a first-timer in the web hosting field, you can encounter several challenges trying to understand various terms. When you consult an IT expert, you will come along technical phrases and words. They will talk about having a domain name, registering it, hosting and seeking DNS service.

This terms sound as Greek in your ears. You do not know what they mean or how they connect in the web development. Particularly, if you have never been in an IT class, to you some terms are similar to ones you were interacting with a biology class. However, for you to succeed in this field, you must understand their meaning and how they relate to each other.

Domain registration

The first step in owning a website is domain registration. Upon determining your domain name or the URL of your site, you need to register the name with a registrar. The registrar has the responsibility of maintaining a database of domain names together with extensions. In a simple language, domain registration is like getting a Social security number or Driving License stored in the government registry.   When one looks up to the number, they can get your information. This the same way a domain registrar works.

Web hosting

When you want to set up a shop or locate in a place, you rent space to keep your possessions. Anyone seeking your services can find you in this location. Web hosting operates similarly. Hosting your site means renting a space on a server to upload your site files. Using your domain address and through the DNS system, a visitor searching for information in your site can access them virtually. It is a storage space that allows online visitors to find your files online. Hosting can be in several forms such as shared, dedicated, virtual, and cloud web hosting. Each option has its benefits and cons.

DNS service 

If you are not aware, the DNS system is that enhances communication between humans and the computer network. It works is to translate readable information into internet protocols (IP) that the computer can use to communicate with each other and display relevant information.  Computers use numbers known as IP address which change from one location to another. Since humans cannot memorize numbers, this system enables them to use readable names – domain names.

Hence, the three aspects relate to each other in enabling the availability of your website online.


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