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A domain name is easy to remember and unique name that identifies your website. Millions of people are registering domain names for their businesses. With this, it is becoming a difficult task to come up with a great name. For your website name to be successful, it must be memorable and meaningful. This web name will describe more about your business. Thus, it needs to be professional and catchy. Many domains name generators can help you create a perfect name. However, not all are reliable. You can try these 5 free generators:


Bust a Name is the most powerful domain name generator that will enable you to come up with a professional website name. It is a free tool with a user-friendly interface. This generator is suitable for newbies who have no idea about any keyword. You can use the ‘make a random domain button’ to search for available names. If you find a name that meets your needs, you can select it and use for your site. And if you have any keyword on your mind, you can run it on Bust a Name to search if the name is available. Remember, you want to come up with a unique domain name, if you find that the name is not available, you can choose similar keywords to register a domain name.


NameBoy is perfect for those who have a particular keyword in their minds. It will help you come up with a unique name within a minute. You can enter the keywords in the search button, and NameBoy will offer you different suggestions of domains name. At times this tool can allow you to use your keyword if no one else is using it. It can help you add hyphens or rhyming words. Also, this generator gives you an opportunity to see the Domain names that are available for sale.


Domain Puzzler is a great tool that will enable you to come up with a perfect domain name. It will work well for you if you have more than two keywords. Domain Puzzler will combine all your keywords and come up with an excellent name for your site. Also, it will check if the combination is ready for registration. If not, it will give you other suggestions.


Name Mesh is an easy to use domain name generator. It uses synonyms and antonyms to help you generate a great name for your site. When you enter your keyword, Name Mesh will create name ideas based on the word which are similar but unique. Also, if you have no idea of a keyword, it will help you come up with a new domain name.
Name Mesh has played a crucial role in enabling you to develop short domain names which are easy to remember. If you your goal is ranking higher on Search engines, Name Mesh will help you with this. It will suggest domain name and still preserve the SEO.


If you are a new online entrepreneur, NameStall could be the best for you. It will generate an awesome name based on industry category. You can also search a domain name by keyword and other filters like Basic English keywords and popular keywords. Also, NameStall will help you choose keywords with hyphens. If you enter keywords on NameStall domain name generator and find that someone else is using it, NameStall will give suggestions of similar keywords.


You can choose either of these domains name generators, and there will be no challenges when coming up with a domain name. They are free and easy to use. Hence, you will not have worries of lack of money to generate a domain name that describes your business.

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